Top 5 Digital Health Apps in Pakistan


This is a significant exercise, particularly in light of the ongoing episode of the Corona Virus (Health Apps). This destructive infection spread so quickly that an entire city was surrendered with an end goal to keep it contained. This infection instructed us that wellbeing frameworks should have been associated. We need more innovation centered towards distinguishing and restoring such sicknesses since. When Doherty Institute figured out how to develop Coronavirus. They didn’t squander a second and shared all the data back. With the world clearing a route for a fix of this plague. (Health Apps)

Innovation can help incredibly in Pakistan that is the reason we’ve recorded down the main 5 computerized wellbeing applications in Pakistan. That can help individuals on the grounds that recollect  ‘Prevention is always better than a Cure’.

1. Furthermore, Find my doctor.

Established in 2016, and settled in Karachi, FindmyDoctor offers lab tests, at-home specialist conference. And furthermore includes ‘discover a specialist in your neighborhood vicinity’. There’s a ‘blood required’ highlight too that can assist you with discovering blood benefactors in your general vicinity. Wellbeing tips are additionally accessible and the application plan and straightforwardness truly makes it extraordinary compared to other acting in-application store.

2.Healthpass Teledoc.

Healthpass Teledoc is created by Medicount Pvt ltd. It’s a ‘Discover a Doctor’ application that causes you to find accessible specialists inside your range and furthermore encourages you to book an arrangement. It’s a basic and clean application that permits you to pay from your telephone also.


Medicine is your all in one resource for medications. All the data about medications, requesting them on the web, their conveyance, their conceivable symptoms, and where to arrange them and when to top of them is accessible at Medicine. Additionally, it gives you updates and news about forthcoming ones. ‘Dental replacement at Home’ is one of the highlights that was presented in Pakistan by Dawaai and it additionally offers Lab tests at home.

4.Pharmapedia Pakistan.

Another fascinating App that we’ll be discussing is “Pharmapedia Pakistan’. As the name recommends, it’s a reference book of drug store. It contains all the data on accessible meds in Pakistan, their measurements, their symptoms and some more

5.Medical Guide App Pakistan.

The last App that we’ll be examining is the Medical Guide App Pakistan, which contains all the data that you would require about emergency clinics, medications, and ambulances. It likewise runs disconnected with the goal that you can find out about the particular medications and prescriptions disconnected, promotion free.

The computerized wellbeing business sector of Pakistan is genuinely new, most definitely. We need more applications and interconnectivity between medical clinics, ambulances, drug stores, and such to drive our nation towards a genuine Digital Health nation.

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