KPK’s Educational department Rescheduled Metric Examination

Reason Which Disturbs Rescheduled Metric Examination

Rescheduled Metric Examination of all the boards has been disturb due to the outbreak of the cvoid-19 pandemic situation. The board authorities and Government have canceled the annual board examinations in all provinces of Pakistan. This step to controlling the pandemic cvoid-19.

The Updated schedule for board examination

The education department of KPK has informed about the revised schedule of the board examination of matriculation and intermediate. The exams will probably from 1st May. According to board authorities, if the situation of the coronavirus gets better in the province than two board will be conducted per day. Otherwise, all the students will go to the next class.
The province has the authority to devise and change their examination schedule, but it is necessary to take permission from the provincial and federal authorities. So this choice will be finished in the wake of talking about this issue with the higher powers.

New Announcement From KPK Government

The KPK Government further informed that if the condition of the cvoid-19 will be under control till 20th April, then the metric and intermediate exam will be started from the 1st May.
In the case If the current incident of cvoid-19 prevails, then the students of the 9th and 11th class will be promoted to the next courses without appearing in the board examination.
A specific proportion of the numbers will go to each student. The Government of KPK has closed the educational institutes and announced the summer vacations. The board examination has also postponed until 31st May 2020.
As soon as the pandemic situation of cvoid-19 improves, the board exams will come according to the mentioned schedule of exams. Board authorities have informed the students about the upcoming exam schedule. So all the students prepare their exams to achieve their goals.


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