Heavy rain, flood expected in Pakistan during next 48-hours

Heavy rain in different areas of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has anticipated heavy rain. And floods in parts of the nation during the next 48-hours, covered Wednesday.

According to the Met Office, the heavy deluge would be record in Punjab and other pieces of the nation.

Keeping in see the conjecture, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Has also issued a caution for Nullah Lai, predicting that it could observer an overflow. Because of the gigantic inflow of water.

“A high flood is also expect in River Jhelum near Mangla Dam within the next 36 hours,”. The NDMA representative said adding that they have issued a warning. To those living in the surrounding to clear from the territory.

He said that flood is also expect in River Chenab, Khanki, and Marala headworks.

The intensity of the ongoing storm spell may observe a decline after the following 48 hours. The NDMA representative said adding that they had issued mandates to the concerned offices for rain-crisis and flood circumstances.

It is pertinent to specify here that Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment. Abdul Razak Dawood on Wednesday expect that the nation’s fares might be influenced because of rains in the period of August.

Taking to the mainstream microblogging webpage Twitter, he said: “Apparently in view of the heavy rains, especially in Karachi, our fares transfers are being postponed and hence our fares for the long stretch of August might be influenced.”

He asked fares to brought to the Ministry of Commerce’s notification any challenges they looked in such manner.

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