First hand drawn animation studio of Pakistan

First hand-drawn animation studio

In recent years Pakistan’s entertainment industry is evolving and the qualities of movies are increasing as well as their plots. And storyline and work are also being done in animation movies Pakistan (First hand-drawn animation). Has some quality animated movies like 3 Bahadur, and donkey king, etc. Mano animation is the first hand-drawn animation studio of Pakistan which is fully committed to hand-drawn animation. It is established by some teenagers who love animations from their childhood it was found by Usman Riaz in 2015. And started working on their first hand-drawn animation movie in 2016 called glass worker

Shows the main leads

 Synopsis of the story is:

Vincent and Tomas discover their carries on with overturned by a moving toward war in which they need no part, and the appearance in their town of a military colonel and his capable, musician girl, Alliz.

The kinship that creates among Vincent and Alliz is testing continually by the varying perspectives. On their dads in when nationalism and social standing are viewing as more significant than free ideas and imaginative interests.

It is just when the war visits upon them legitimately, and they are constrain separate by their loyalties. That Vincent and Alliz acknowledge what they have lost and the affection they had for one another.

According to the CEO:

That this movie started as a short clip that turned into a full-length movie its is coming of an age story of two main leads Usman Raiz says that they chose glass to show that life is a beautiful but fragile thing like a glass. Usman won many awards in animation and is consider as a prodigy but he chose to work in Pakistan because He says’ bloom where you plant’.

Krachi expo mano animatiom

(from left to right to right) Khizer Riaz the producer, Usman Riaz. The founder of Mano Animation, and Aamir Riffat the Animation director of the movie. Share the stage during a riveting presentation on Mano Animation Studio. The Glassworker, which was held in Karachi earlier The 2016 year.

“We all grew up watching cartoons. Maybe I and Mariam and Khizer and Aamir watched a bit more obsessively than other people,” says Usman. “I continue discussing Studio Ghibli yet for me, Studio Ghibli (in my psyche) is the best activity studio on the planet due to their substance. They reverberate with individuals on purpose. You can tell when a film is certifiable and their work is veritable.”

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